Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your office hours?
A: 7:30 AM till 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
9:00 AM till 12:00 PM Saturday

2. Will Turf Supplies install my turf?
A:: Why we do not do installations ourselves, we can put you in touch with an installer for most areas.

3. How soon can I have my turf?
A:We would prefer two days notice, however, we can often cope with less.

4. Can I have my turf delivered?
A. Yes, delivery with a forklift is available and can often allow the turf to be placed close to the work area. (Minimum quantities may apply).

5. Is pick up available?
A: Yes, you can pick up your turf from our Vasey Rd site between 8.15 AM and 4.15 PM

6. When is the best time to plant?
A. When using Turf Supplies locally grown varieties we have had good success planting all year round. However, autumn and spring are usually optimal.

7. Does drip irrigation work?
A. Efficiently installed sub-surface drip systems have been used extensively over the past few years and have been most successful over this period. It is important to remember though, that on initial laying and particularly for the first 3 weeks thereafter, that overhead watering should be used as the predominant form of irrigation.

8. Do I need to fertilize when laying turf?
A. It is often advisable to use some fertilizer on bare ground before laying instant rolls directly above. Turf Supplies can supply your fertilizer needs.

9. How is the turf supplied and handled?
A. At Turf Supplies our high quality allows all of our products to be handled in rolls of 1 m² weighing approximately 15 kg to 20 kg each. One person handles one roll. 50 rolls (50m²) make up one standard pallet which can weigh between 750 kg and 1000 kg.

10. How thick is the turf?
A. Allow approximately 40 mm below edgings to match existing levels.

11. How do you trim the edges?
A: Serrated edge knives work well as does hedge clippers, tomahawks and even Quickcuts.