All of our products on this page are able to be inspected growing at our Waikerie site by appointment.
Madonna Fine Leaf Dwarf Kikuyu
  • Is drought tolerant
  • Easily maintained to make a beautiful garden lawn
  • Keeps winter colour better than other grasses
  • Is vigorous and very weed competitive
  • Less aggressive and finer leafed than some other varieties
  • Can be treated harshly and still survive
  • Has been used extensively on Riverland water fronts and private homes
Santa Anna Couch


Our Santa Anna Couch is very drought tolerant while also very fine leafed. This is very low maintenance and very soft underfoot. Although an old favourite, it is still very popular.
Riverland Soft Leaf Buffalo
While no buffalo grass is as soft underfoot as our other varieties, we are happy to supply anyone who requires our Riverland Soft Leaf Buffalo.